Gambia Friend Associated is committed to Gambia

Monday, August 06, 2012
The Gambia Friendship Association in Denmark is committed to build on the successes it has achieved in both The Gambia and Denmark. This was revealed by the Board Chairman Hamadi Vincent Bah.
He went on to say that the Danish Gambia Friendship Association, would continue to together  to meet the challenges and make things even better in the Gambia.
The organisation has been in existence for more than 36 years and their work include Sponsorship of school children in the Gambia to give them the opportunity to have a better education and be able to secure themselves a better future.
 Another major task the organization is involved in is the shipment of containers including school equipments, hospital equipment and materials and various handicap items.
The board chair also said that a concert was organized by one of their board members RuthySøgaard on behalf of Gambia’s friends which was well organized, well planned and well implemented to everyone’s satisfaction.
“The concert gave a very nice profit after paying for some school children school fees in Bondali school, Bondali School is very grateful for their sponsorship for the school children,” he said.
According to the organization chair the Danish Gambia Friendship society is also sponsoring well over 1500 students throughout the country. The society has benefitted many public and private schools from day care centers up to tertiary levels.  
School furniture of different types are also been supplied to different schools in all the regions of the Gambia.  
“Classroom blocks are built for about three schools in the Kanifing Municipality namely: LatrikundaSabiji Lower Basic School, Bundung Lower Basic and Bakau Newtown respectively; each of the buildings goes with complete classroom furniture,” Hamadi added.
He also said that Tertiary schools are mostly supplied with computer sets and accessories and sewing machines and medical items are donated to public health facilities including the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital of the Gambia and other private clinics.
Donated medical items includes: kidney bowls, examination couches, delivery beds, patient beds and mattresses, bed sheets and blankets, buckets, toilet seats, uniforms etc. Wheelchairs and other walking aids are most of the time given to the Social Welfare and some individuals or families.
He went on to say that household items are mostly donated to families, individuals and centers like the old peoples’ home, prisons and camps, and garden implements are used at depot level an some given to women gardeners.
“The impact of the donated items from our organization the Danish Gambia Friendship society cannot be over emphasize, it has contributed immensely in socio economic development of  the Gambian people.
Vulnerable families and individuals are given priority to access the society’s available facilities such as Sponsorship (paying school fees, lunch, book bills, study fees, buying uniforms and sandals), other families are given household items such as chairs and tables, beds and bed sheets, clothing, kitchen utensils, cupboards and other valuable items,” the chairman noted.
He went on to add that all this will not have been possible without the commitment of their members in Denmark and their partners in Gambia who always make sure that things go as plan. He also thanked the beneficiaries for make good use of their donated items.

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