Goal less Draw In the Opening Match

Thursday, August 28, 2014

In the opening marctes at Serekunda East league competitions N- Germany vs. Cannon FC ended in a goal less draw. The game started with both sides sealing their defense areas and roll the ball to the center side. Up to the end of the first half no goals were registered.

At the beginning of the second half Essa Mballow of the New Germany FC lost his chance of registering a goal against Cannon FC. He poorly sends the ball to the post but it went way away off the goal post.

Cannon FC also miss their first opportunity through Matt Jagne after heading a wonderful cross ball.

The following were played in the first rounds ups. Rangers FC VS Leads FC 1-1, White Wash 1 London United O, AND bb Rovers 0 and S.V Loar 0.

Author: Mamadi B Camara
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