Journalist Binta Bah Not Allow at the Supreme Courts of Gambia by Security Forces

Monday, October 15, 2012

Journalist Binta was barred from covering the cases of   Death row prisoners; former CDS Lang Tombong Tamba and Co at the Supreme Courts of the Gambia Banjul on Monday October 15th 2012. Bah was told that she cannot cover the case since her newspaper The Daily News was closed.

In a telephone conversation she told this paper that she was first allow to go in the court room when she introduce herself as a blogger and reporter for the Daily News.  Ten minutes later she was asked out by a plain cloth officer who introduces himself as Edward.

 Edward said to her “I have orders from the office of the President  that you cannot cover the case because your newspaper is closed and the Director of Press  Saidy said he is not aware of your blog” Binta said.

“I was stopped from covering the case on the basis that I report for the Daily News and that paper was closed and no more in publications. I argued that yes my newspaper was closed but as a journalist I live by writing and I am writing for other news outlets” Binta said. I also have my blog on called “Musulula babtaba”

Reacting to her denial to cover the case, she said it is a violation of her rights to work. Yes my newspaper is close but that should not send me out of work. As a journalist one lives by ones writing. Why is the state security barring me from surviving?

 Binta hold a diploma in journalism from the Insight Training Center. She has also benefitted from the InWENT training package in Accrra Ghana where she just returned. She has worked for the Daily News since her graduation from the Insight two years ago as the paper’s Senior Court reporter. She is one the finest court reporters in country.

Binta is also the Vice President of the Female Journalist Association of the Gambia. She is a blogger and a woman activist.

Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay

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