Justice Minister Warns Gambians abroad of Backlash For ‘Denigration’

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Gambia’s Justice Minister Edward Gomez has warned that Gambians abroad engage in ‘painting a grim picture about The Gambia’s human rights record’ will face a backlash when they come to The Gambia.
Minister Gomez was reacting to The Daily News story about the twenty four British MPs who signed an Early Day Motion last month calling for international pressure on The Gambia government for human rights violations. This move was orchestrated by the Scottish Society of Human Rights in The Gambia through its Desk Officer Mr Alieu B Ceesay, a Gambian journalist in Scotland.
“We will wait here for them to come,” he said in an interview Friday, adding that they could be safe as long as they continue to be harbored abroad, but reminded them that they will be prosecuted anytime they come to The Gambia.
“These are unfortunately evil members of The Gambian society who took refuge abroad putting every nonsensical story on papers and on radios to tarnish the good image of The Gambia government,” Gomez said.
He described the Early Day Motion passed by the 24 British MP’s as shameful and unfortunate, while slamming the Scottish Society of Human Rights in The Gambia as enemies of progress and development.
“I as the Attorney General and Minister of Justice will defend the image and integrity of the government to the heel and I want to make it clear that my government will not and does not subscribe to these malicious and evil fabrications against us”, he said.
On reports of torture, detention without trial among other rights violations that occurred under the current regime, Minister Gomez dismissed such as mere speculations and unfounded truths beyond imagination. He said the whole idea of the motion is a total misconception that is based on sentiments rather than facts.
Gomez noted that none of the 24 British MP’s in question ever visited the country nor did they rely on any substantive information to substantiate the nut from the chaff, noting that these MP’s only bank on assertions from dissident Gambians  abroad who are anything less than enemies of the state and the administration of president Jammeh.
For him, there is no right that supersedes the rights to accommodation, food and shelter which every Gambian is enjoying under the leadership of president Jammeh.
“Countless number of people are residing in the UK who virtually lack all these rights which the British MPs never attempted to address but can seat over the fence to talk about the fundamental rights of Gambians. How many people are living in UK today who are feeding from the dustbins and sleeping in train stations which the British MP’s never talk about,” he added.

Author: Saihou Jammeh

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