Letter to Outgoing President Jammeh

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I greet you Sheikh Alhagie Doctor, Professor, Yahya AJJ Jammeh outgoing president of the Gambia. I want to seize this opportunity to congratulate you for accepting the December election results on that faithful Friday December 2, 2016.

However since you have decided to change your mind the following Thursday December 8th  2016 a decision  that is most unfortunate for you and if you stick to it come 18th January 2017 it will be a decision that you will ever regret in your life. Please consider reverting it.

Can I beseeched with you, Alhaji to revert your decisions as requested by the Gambia and numerous civil society organizations based in country, such as Christian council other international organizations like the United Nations, the organization of Islamic Council, ECOWAS, AU, EU, some other big states like USA, UK Russia, China, Spain and your very own Supreme Islamic Council for the peace and tranquility of the Gambia if you truly love this country that you ruled for 22 years. Gambians did made a favor for you for this long.

Mr. Outgoing president you have said many a times that you love this country and will die for this country; if that is true, do concede defeat and leave us in peace and not pieces.

Going back on your own words would mean throwing this country in flames; of which am sure Allah will not allow for an individual selfish end.

Mr. Outgoing President when you took over the reins this country 22 years ago through a barrel of a gun; some lives were lost, it may be few but there are lives that were lost. On that faithful Friday July 22 1994 you have not got the mandate of any Gambian to do so, you forced your way in; but you were accepted.

22 years later Gambians have given mandate to Adama Barrow to rule them, is that not enough to make you proud?

Mr. outgoing president just to remind you in case you forgot; you told Gambian on that faithful July 1994, that you are soldiers with a difference and that you will clean the system and go back to the land. It never happen you stayed on for 22 years.

You also said that politics is a dirty game and you are not interested in it; however you later fell in love with politics and even got marriage to it for 22 years.

Just to remind you, one of your reasons of over throwing the PPP regime under Dawda Jawara was that you said he and his government has overstayed as 30 years was  too much for you. Now you are only 8 years less than that are you really honest for that to be your reasons of over throwing a democratically elected government?

Okay there is no problem for you to seek for another 5 years and if you have won that will take you to 27 years and again just 3years  less than Jawara who you coup for staying too long 30 years. But the people say no, why can’t you be grateful to the Gambians and thank them for voting you in power for more than 20 years.

Mr. Outgoing president Jammeh will it be legitimate for someone like you  whose reason of coup was that the former who served for 30 years has over stayed to be uttering that he will rule for a 1000 years so far as the Gambian want him to do so?

Okay why can’t you respect the Gambians who now said no, we do not want you to rule us for 1000 years but 22 is okay if you are true to yourself.

Mr. outgoing president you have lost all creditability but not beyond mending it. Come back to the Gambians in your usual national broadcast and tell Gambians that you are sorry and now you have finally concede defeat and give chance to a peaceful transition to the third
Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay

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