Presidential Convoy Tragedy Attracts Wild Reactions

Monday, September 12, 2011
A fatal accident involving a presidential convoy on Wednesday at Busumbala has attracted wild reactions, especially in the online and social news media.
“Gambians should now look beyond president Yahya Jammeh’s biscuits. I honestly think these incidents could be avoided if  Jammeh stops throwing biscuits at welcoming children who only stand by to cheer a leader,” says an anonymous writer on Bantaba Cyber Space, an online forum on The Gambia.
The unsigned writer continues: “If Yahya Jammeh so cares, it has happened before when people died as a result of this so called biscuits  throwing of the president. Now again president Jammeh is at it again throwing biscuits. What for? Only Yayha knows.”
A black-coloured Land Cruiser in a presidential convoy on Wednesday crashed into two vehicles in Busumbala village when Gambian president Yahya Jammeh was being escorted to his birth village of Kanilai where he is spending his annual leave.
Eye witnesses say the Land Cruiser veered off the road in an effort to avoid hitting some children, who were scrambling for biscuits being thrown by President Yahya Jammeh.
The driver of the Land Cruiser lost control and eventually hit a Benz before swerving further to knock down a 14-passenger commercial van.
At least eight people have died so far, according to unconfirmed reports as Gambian authorities refused to give detail account of the accident neither the number of deaths. Several others are reportedly injured.
The incident has sent shock waves and people are raising eyebrows on the throwing of biscuits by president Jammeh, which is said to be cause of the accident.   
“People need to say to their children don’t go out when you hear presidential convoy because when you loose a child, it is irreplaceable and no amount of compensation can restore such a valuable gift,” says a contributor nicknamed Janyanfara.
Another unnamed writer writes: “What can they say… Sorry is not enough. My condolence…”

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