Re-While in Prison

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dear editor,

Iread with sadness the chilling account of Mr Lamin Njie as he described the appalling conditions in Mile 2 prison in The Gambia. As an individual who works within a law enforcement unit in the UK, I found the story profoundly disturbing and unimaginable to say the least.

The degrading and unsanitary accommodation, coupled with daily cellular confinement and general absence of human tolerance are graphic examples in his analysis of the Mile 2 Prison.

What I understand from the report/commentary is that the government of The Gambia, through the current prison regime, is literally encouraging inhumane and degrading treatment of prisoners.

It is also evident from the report that the government’s ultimate aim is to coerce with little or no provision for reforming the minds of convicts.

This is a dangerous path because very high proportions of prisoners in The Gambia are convicted by incompetent and corrupt judicial system.

I think your case highlighted a very disturbing human suffering at an alarming rate in Mile 2. The overwhelming majority of prisoners in The Gambia should not have been there if at all the judicial system is independent and fit for purpose. As a result, Mile 2 continues to be severely overcrowded and the case for judicial overhaul is long over due in The Gambia.

Thank you

Author: Bakebba Camara, UK
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