Teachers, Students, SMC’s Trained on Leadership, Management

Sunday, November 30, 2014

A two day training on leadership and management for teachers, students and senior management committees (SMC’s) for five schools namely: Kabafita Lower, Jamisa Lower, Brikama Lower, Kabafita Upper and Brikama Upper Basics in Kombo Central Sunday ended at the Kabafita Upper Basic, Brikama West Coast Region for forty participants.

Alieu B Sillah, Programme and Communication Officer Saamasang Federation delivering a statement said school management committees are a constituent body formed in accordance with the Right to Education Act. Their functions are to monitor the various amenities, facilities, budgets, infrastructure, and most importantly the quality of education taught in schools.

“SMC offers an excellent platform for the participation of parents, teachers and students and other relevant stakeholders to meet together and share their ideas aiming to improve quality, accessible and relevant education for our children,’’ he said.

According to Sillah, it is against this backdrop that Saamasang Federation brought all the stakeholdersto create a platform for children to partake in decisions that affect them. He said this cannot be effective without bringing all the stakeholders together where roles and responsibilities of various players can be define.

“This is geared towards increasing the participation of children in decision making most especially issues affecting them’’. He said.

The activityhe said is spread into two months (November and December) and the first phase will target 3 LBS and 2 UBS (8 participants per school in Jamisa and Kabafita Community Association while the second phase will target 2 UBS, 3LBS in Darsilami and Penyem Community Associations respectively.

Nuha SK Darboe, lead trainer noted that the importance of the training cannot be over emphasized saying that it aims at promoting the education policy which is to guide the students on managerial and leadership approach.

He said the involvement of the students is incumbent as future leaders because it will help them distinguish on how school management committees runs the affairs of the respective schools noting that in order for any smooth running to take effects, students should be involved in decision makings.

“I am very grateful to be associated with the training as well as sending my sincere gratitude to the Saamasang Federation for their support,’’ he said.

Fanta Darboe, head girl Brikama Upper Basic, and Lamin Fatty senior Community Mobilizer Kabafita Community Association both lauded Saamasang Federation for the gesture saying that the training is indeed yet another milestone achievement for the participants.

Author: Alieu Darboe

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