“Thank You Anda AK Afrika and Desafio Solidario My Child Will Not Catch Malaria” Mrs Batoro Mbaye

Thursday, September 04, 2014

I am a 40 year old married woman and have a co wife and live in Misera Toben village. I am a farmer and grow groundnuts and millet; I have three children two boys and a girl. My daughter Hawa Mbaye is the last born in the family and is 4 years old.

I thank Desafio Solidario through Anda AK Afrika for supporting my daughter with a mosquito net. Hawa like some of the other children in my village will all be free from mosquito bites, and subsequently from malaria disease as she is supported with a mosquito net, thanks Desafio Solidario for coming to our aid, Batoro said

Batoro said she is a little hopeless as their main source of income is through farming but this year it seems the rains are late, income and food maybe a problem for her and the community. Usually at the end of July of every farming season we would have our late millets grow better than they are this year.

She said she hope the early millet and maize might reach maturity for them to able to harvest. This she said will depend much on the rains continuity. “If it continuous to the end we are assured of harvesting the early millets and maize. As for the groundnut that one is not certain” she said

We anticipate a cash crop (ground-nut) failure and that is going to affect our income; so for the Desafio to come to our aid in supporting our children and pregnant women with mosquito nets is a big relief to us as the burden of malaria will be away.

“With a cash crop failure that will have a negative impact on our lives “she said. We are not earning monthly salaries but rather we are paid yearly after we sell our cash crops; that are why I said cash crop failures will have a big blow on our lives.

However the intervention of Desafio Solidario through Anda AK Afrika is a big relief on us. Our community is blessed with lots of school items so as parents we are not worried any more of buying exercise books, pens, color pens,pencils, and other school materials. We very much appreciate their handsome donations.

Author: Fatou .Y.Sanyang Ceesay
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