United Front Condemns Threats on Gomez

the four parties: PDOIS, NRP, GPDP and NADD
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

United Front, a coalition of four opposition parties that backed independent candidate Hamat NK Bah in Thursday Nov.24 presidential polls has condemned the threats issued on Henry Gomez, leader of opposition GPDP, one of the parties in the coalition.

Mr. Gomez was going to attend the coalition’s meeting that was to determine whether or not to accept the results of the 2011 presidential elections.

The taxi Gomez boarded was however forced to pull over and he was forced out of the vehicle by unidentified men boarded in a ‘Gambia Revenue Authority’ vehicle, a statement signed by all the four parties states.

“Four persons came to indicate to him that he was under arrest and compelled him to join their vehicle. They refused to reveal their identity but later proposed for him to talk to their boss who later on apologized and rationalize that it was a case of mistaken identity,” the dispatch states.

Socked over the incident, the party condemned the act and says it will approach the Inspector General of Police to look into the matter.

United Front backed independent candidate Hamat Bah polled over seventy-three hundred thousand votes, representing 11% out of over six hundred thousand votes cast in the Thursday presidential election, in which incumbent Yahya Jammeh swept in an unprecedented landslide victory, followed by main opposition UDP with 17 percent.

Author: Ebrima Bah
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