What kind of Members of the National Assembly do we have ?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The members of the National Assembly are called for an unplanned meeting this morning what their agenda is, is not known to the electorates yet.  

These are members who relied on section 99 of the Constitution and extended their own term in office and also that of former president who later fled the country. Were they with their full consent when they invoke those sections of the constitution? Is a question one can ask?

In my opinion they no longer have the moral and at the same time  lack the support of the people who elected them into office; by betraying those people.

How did they betray the people who elected them into office? The answer is simple and it is the fact that they can extend the term of a man (former president Jammeh) who the electorates ended its term of office, that  is enough for the worst betrayal our so called members of the National Assembly who called themselves honorable people did.

The fact that you they elected into office by the people and the same people voted the former president out, who then are they then and where are  they deriving their powers from  to extend that term ended by the masses; and that is where their betrayals started.

You the members of the National Assembly are not only a group of people who betrayed Gambians but you are nothing less than a rubber stamp National Assembly under the Jammeh regime.

Sources got it that the former president did announce a state of emergency before you acted on it; as he did his announcement at 3pm whiles you sat on it at 6pm.

Now what do you have to tell us again? Are you going to meet and contradict yourselves , by undoing what you did a few days before former president fled which is not new to us? But time will tell sooner or later you will be coming back to the people looking for their votes.


Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay
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