Will Journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh Be Seen Again?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Colleagues, friends, well wishers and of course his family members are all asking one important question. And the question is will journalist Chief Ebrima be seen again?

This question is relevant for the fact that it is four solid years now since this young, hard working and respectful journalist of ours went missing in thin air in this very Gambia on the 7th July 2006.

Since then, concerned parties moved heaven and earth to know his whereabouts but to no avail.

What is more surprising and painful is the fact that the authorities are continuously denying knowing anything, connected to the disappearance of Ebrima Manneh (alias) Chief Manneh.

Not long ago, the ECOWAS court in Abuja, Nigeria entered judgment in his favour against the government of The Gambia that the young journalist be freed by the authorities and also compensated $100,000 but we are yet to see this happen soon as the authorities flatly deny holding him in their custody.

The former minister of Justice Marie-Saine Firdaus categorically denied state involvement in the disappearance of Chief Manneh. She defended this statement until the time she was fired from her post as Justice Minister.

Again, not long ago the current minister of Justice Edu Gomez in his response to a query from the Jarra Central representative Hon. Pa Jallow during a parliamentary sitting also denied state involvement in the disappearance of Chief Manneh.

The multimillion dollar questions now are will Chief Manneh be seen again and how soon will this be. Who is/are holding him and at where and for what reason(s).

Until these questions are answered we will keep writing on the disappearance of Chief Manneh and our inks shall not run dry.

The world is watching and at the same time listening.

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