A new Gambia is born; Welcome President Adama Barrow

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It is Thursday the 19 January 2017 beginning of a new era and the end of another era. Jammeh is no more president of the Gambia as history has it.

President Adama Barrow the third president of the third republic has assumed office constitutionally according to the verdict of the Gambian people today.

December 1st 2016 Gambians went to the polls and elected Adama Barrow as their leader; but ex-president Jammeh refuses to accept people’s verdict and he was forced out of the presidency of the republic of the Gambia.

This is history as it is for the first time where a sitting president was voted out of office since independence 1965 and replaced with another president and this time a civilian Adama Barrow. The former president Jammeh was never people’s choice but rather forced his way into the State House through the barrel of a gun and naturally he was forced out by the gun.

The adage reads he who rules by the sword will live by the sword. Jammeh came to power by the gun and he now leaves through the same gun.

It is very sad to see our brothers and sisters oozing out of their beloved country Gambia not because of their making but because of former president Jammeh’s making.

After Gambians allowed him to rule for 22 years and was given him everything he has; but only for him to reward the Gambians with such an ungrateful gesture.

Nigeria has already sent in   fighters jest and a war ship is already ducked in the waters of Senegal.

A military intervention was not the preferred option for the Gambia and the ECOWAS but unfortunately that is what former president Jammeh wanted. He was given all option but he insists that he was the winner after initially conceded to President Adama Barrow.

As USA are preparing for a peaceful transition of power from one party to another tomorrow here we are going to war because former president Jammeh refuses; earlier this month Ghana did made our region proud according to President Sea leaf Johnson of Liberia who is the president of ECOWAS at the swearing of a new Ghanaian president.

As the Ghanaians made the region proud; former president Jammeh of the Gambia brought disgrace to the region.

Welcome President Barrow and the Coalition   


Less than 4 Hours to the end of Jammehism

President elect Adama Barrow has only less than four hours to assume office as Yahya Jammeh leaves office mid night today.

Jammeh who came to power 22 years ago through the barrel of a gun was voted out on December 1 2016 at a presidential elections. He did rule the country amidst poor human right records where a lot of people were detained without trails and some many other people were subjected to tortures. 

Only as recent as April 2016 late Solo Sandeng formerly of the United Democratic Party was tortured to death at the hands of the state security under Jammeh. Many more were subjected to similar treatments under Jammeh’s regime.

Jammeh who is likely to be forced out by ECOWAS forces, which forces are already at the Gambian / Senegal boarders as you are reading this piece, these forces are set to cross the boarders a minute after mid night today.

Unfortunately as the Jammeh regime is without a cabinet; the Gambian rubber stamp parliament has just condoned a state of emergency yesterday and also said to have relied on section 99 of the Gambia Constitution to extend Jammeh’s term and their own by three months. Very disappointing

The Speaker of the National Assembly otherwise called parliament have just disappointed the whole nation by such uncalled for act.

However those who presided over that meeting will have their names on records in our history books as enemies of progress. How can elected few rule against the will of the people they said to be representing?






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