“Ghana did made the regional proud” said Johnson

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Saturday 7th January 2017 Ghanaians inaugurated their newly elected president Nana Ado  in a very colorful event at the country’s  national square; more than 9 sitting presidents and several other government representatives attended.

Speaking at the ceremony the Liberian President Ellen Johnson who also doubles as the president of the regional bloc ECOWAS said Ghana made the region very proud by changing a government through elections where the loser and winner all accepted the results.

The Liberian president commended the outgoing president John Dramane Mhama for accepting the results and the way and manner he conducted the affairs of the state as president of the republic of Ghana.

She also commended the incoming president for winning the elections in and a transparent and fair election. She said the incoming president must be commended for the way he and his party conducted themselves through out the champagne. She finally commended the citizens of this great nation Ghana for once again changing a government through a ballot box.

The regional bloc (ECOWAS)   president used the occasion to tell the people of the Gambia that ECOWAS are all behind the people of the Gambia and will do all that they can to ensure that the people’s verdict stands.

She warns that the region will not sit and watch democracy be reduced to nothing. The people of the Gambia decided on the 1st of December v2016 and that verdict has to be respected come 19th January 2017.

Meanwhile the regional syndicate held a meeting recently on the Gambia and was adjourned to  10th January to further discuss how to tackled the political impasse in the Gambia where the outgoing president Jammeh  refuses to relinquish power to president elect Adama barrow.

Editor’s note: the Ghanaian presidential inauguration should be a lesson for outgoing president Jammeh as there is nothing as beautiful like changing a government through a ballot box. In the inauguration Saturday January 7th where three former presidents sitting in a row is just beautiful. Jammeh should be warned that the days are gone where one man can exert power on the people.  Please Mr. outgoing president it’s never too late peacefully leave or be forced out.

The choice is his and how much he loves the Gambia and its people. These are the people who made you who you are after giving the opportunity to be president for 22 years. That should be enough for you, your colleague in Ghana only serves one   5 year term and he is contented with that.

Author: Katty Ceesay
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