Is Jammeh Sacrificing Gambia and Gambians??????

Monday, December 26, 2016

Gambia is put on a cross road by no other person but Yahya Jammeh, who Gambians entrusted with the government of Gambia for more than 22 years. He was defeated in the December elections in a free and fair election. 

Jammeh has come with all sorts of excuses to justify his prolonged stay in office. It will not work, Jammeh go and that is better for you and us the Gambians.

The days of arrogance, dictatorship is over and is only better for you to go in peace and leave Gambians in peace and not in pieces.

On the first December 2016 Gambians decided that Jammeh should go; but Jammeh in turn is refusing to go. One wonders if Jammeh is so ungrateful that he is sacrificing people who gave him everything in life.

This is a man who when ascending to power did not even have a wife no to talk about the wealth he amassed in these short period. This is a man who when going into the statehouse went with a local bank overdraft, and now this is a man who dishes money in thousands.

Gambians have spoken very clearly and that is he goes. But Jammeh and a few are bound in misleading the world; it is time that we start to name names. Mayor Yankuba Colley of KMC is named as one of those who are misleading the world, Gambia and Gambians, Nominated member of the National Assembly Seedy Njie, and Babu Sonko are among people who together with Jammeh are sacrificing the Gambia after all what Gambians did for them.

The Gambia Armed Forces should be warned that history will judge them should live be lost in the loaming intervention of external forces in the beloved Gambia.

The world has warned Yahya Jammeh to go as his refusal of the elections results will not be tolerated, he has to go. The days are ticking closer and closer towards the 18 January 2017 as that will be his end of mandate given five years ago. Either he goes by himself or is pushed off; or it is almost clear that outside intervention is certain.

It has happen in Mali, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau and Bukinafaso why will it not happen in Gambia if Jammeh and his people insist on staying in power after Gambian voted him out.




Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay
Source: Commentary

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