Jammeh told to reconsider his decision of invalidating the December results

Momodou Lamin Touray
Sunday, December 18, 2016

On Thursday 15 December 2016 the Muslims and Christians religious leaders told outgoing president Jammeh to reconsider his refusals of the December presidential election results. They were at the country’s seat of government at the invitation of Jammeh.

The (GRTS) which is national broadcaster in its 8pm and 10pm news bulletins failed  to bring out what the religious leaders told Jammeh; though Jammeh’s message to the leaders was aired. He  called on them to preach peace at their various religious gatherings. Jammeh was quoted to have said that the men should preach peace and let people forget about what had happen in the past.

As the country gets closer to the end of Jammeh’s mandate; he losses more and more Gambian support, the religious leaders were one of his last hopes but  they like several other civil organizations did not support his decision of invalidating the December elections.

The outgoing president who earlier accepts the results and even called the president elect and congratulated him on his victory only has  to come back  to say he cannot accept the results.

The civil society groupings did not hesitate to make it public that that decision is not acceptable and that President elect Barrow is the recognized person who has the mandate of the people. There is no single civil society organization that did not publicly align their support to the President elect Barrow and the Coalition team.

The outgoing president is abandon by the civil society and the international world and the message sent to him is  for him to respect the verdict of the Gambian people.

The Gambia Armed Forces is yet to publicly show their allegiance to President elect Barrow.

The world and the Gambia are watching the Gambia Armed Forces with very sharp eyes, come January 18 2016 what will happen.

President Elect Barrow said with confident in a recent BBC interview that come 18 January 2017 he will be the legitimate leader of the Gambia and he will declare himself president if the outgoing fail to change his mind.

The regional grouping ECOWAS has in their 17 December extraordinary meeting in Abuja reassured President elect Barrow their support and that his is assured of his security. The group said they will take part in his inaugurations.

Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay

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