Lawyer Darboe told Jammeh to step down honorably otherwise will disgrace himself

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

In an hour long radio interview at Paradise FM, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe told Outgoing president Jammeh to respect the verdict of the Gambians and step down honorably otherwise he will disgraced himself. Darboe was responding to a question that what will happen if he Jammeh did not step down in January when his term comes to an end.

 The leader of the main opposition United Democratic Party told his audience that he hopes the justice minister of outgoing president will give him her honest advice on the implications of the election petition.

Darboe said come 18 January 2017 the day President elect Barrow will be shown in as the legitimate president of the Gambia as decided by Gambians. No one will stop that inauguration of president elect Adama Barrow on that day.

Lawyer Darboe who has just come out of the prison where he was serving a 3 years jail term, told the journalist that he is giving his free and honest legal advice to the outgoing president to respect the verdict of the Gambia electorates who have voted him out. If Jammeh fails to respect the people he will certainly go down disgracefully.

Asked to explain to his audience what kind of a coalition government Gambians will be seeing if anything difference from the outgoing government, Darboe said the incoming government is one that will be law abiding and that no one person will be dismissed because you did not support the government. People’s retention will be based on their qualifications and not on any partisan basis.

The Coalition government will not use power in the dispensation of their duties. No one will be arrested because their political difference. And there will be no disappearances, no detentions without trails, and above all no one will be subject to beatings and any other form of torture or inhumane treatment.

Answering questions on the call for the resignation of the country’s Chief Justice by the Gambia Bar Association, Darboe said even if the Bar did not called for his resignation he as a political leader would have asked for the Chief Justice’s resignation as he did not have a place in our judiciary.

Darboe further said the Nigerian Chief Justice Fagbel has not got what it takes to be the Chief Justice of the Gambia. He said he gathered  information that he the Chief Justice was seen during the election period in the premises of the High Court putting on an APRC cap and that some very senior officers told him that he bought 4 APRC T-Shirts  during the champagne period which were placed on his table  He was also seen dancing jubilating the victory of the ARPC party.

Apart from his political affiliations which he did not conceal, the Chief Justice is said to have a lot of interference with the process of justice in the courts.

Darboe cited his own case where after every sitting he will call the judge to be briefed. Also he wrote a letter to the presiding judge to say she must fast track the cases, which is he said amounts to interference with the judiciary process.

In regards to the APRC election petition, Darboe said he has no problem with it but legally he knew the petition has time limit for submission which was not met. Secondly as far as he knows the Gambia Supreme Courts has not got the required number of judges to sit.

He cited his own case when they challenge his sentence to the Supreme Courts the case could not precede because there were no judges. He also mentioned  his former party Treasure Amado Sanneh’s case, whose appeal case also could not proceed since April 2014 because there were no judges at the Supreme Court, he wonders how possible that the APRC election petition could be heard within  such a short period with the required number of judges.

Author: Katty Ceesay

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