Letter to Chief of the Defense Staff of the Gambia Armed Forces

Monday, December 19, 2016

I send you this letter to remind you of your duties should in case you did not know; or you know but just ignore it for whatever reasons better known to you.

 When your services were needed by the state you were employed to serve the state and not an individual. You should owe allegiance to the Gambian people and not to the President alone.

The Gambians have decided December 1 2016 and as at now President Jammeh is an outgoing president; whiles Adama Barrow is the president elect. What this means is that technically Jammeh is the president but Barrow is constitutionally the President of the Gambia and therefore deserves your allegiance.

The principal functions of the Armed Forces according to section 187 of the constitution of the country said  among others: to preserve and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Gambia, and to aid civil authorities, at their request, in emergencies and in cases of natural disasters.

We have a crises situation where the sitting president who lost elections and insist that he is not recognizing the results , an election said to be the most freest one in history according the same person( outgoing president Jammeh) who is now disagreeing the results. And yet you and your entire Forces have not come out publicly show allegiance to President elect.

The world is watching and Gambians are watching you.

Sub section 3 of section 187 of the Constitution also said it shall be the duty of the members of the Armed Forces of The Gambia to respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of other persons.

Again it is the fundamental rights  of the people to go to polls and elect their leaders; that is done and yet one person in name of the outgoing president Jammeh is violating the rights of over 228,000 Gambians, the world and citizen are watching CDS and the Armed Forces.

You have not done what your contemporary in Ghana did by going to the president elect and show allegiance and respect. When all the civil organizations in the Gambia paid their respect and allegiance to Presidents elect Adama BARROW. What does that mean to you?

The regional grouping have consulted with all stakeholders including you and reported to the heads of States in Abuja over the weekend and their position is not different with Gambians.

The Gambians, and world are watching to see what you and your team will do and history will certainly judge you on your actions should in case… as January 18 2017, Outgoing president Jammeh’s mandate  will come to the end ;and where President elect Adama Barrow will take off as mandated by Gambians.  A word for the wise is enough









Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay

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