NAMs Converged at Coral Beach Hotel for a three days collaborative leadership training

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Members of the National Assembly were told to act locally and think globally at the Coral Breach Hotel last Friday. The Speaker of the National Assembly Madam Maraiam Jack Denton said these whiles making a statement at the start of a three days retreat on collaborative training for a selected number of members of the National Assembly.

Speaker Denton applauded the efforts of the UNDP office for according members of the National Assembly this collaborative leadership training, she recalled that a similar training was organised for members of the cabinet sometimes last May and members of the cabinet found it so useful that they recommended it to be done for members of the parliament.

She told members that their role in national development is so important that members of the National Assembly should be role models for both those in and outside of the country. “The way members comport themselves matters” She said. The Speaker told members that party colours should always be left outside of the National Assembly building as always alluded to by Hon Sedia Jatta.   

Earlier the UNDP country Coordinator madam Ada told the members that last year a similar retreat was organised for members of the cabinet and therefore it was felt that the same is a necessity for the parliamentarians. She pledge her office continuous support   for members of the National Assembly as she considers that such a worthy spending for her office.

The minister of Youths and also responsible for National Assembly James Gomez told participants that the citizens of the country have a high hope on the government and therefore it cannot let the people down.

Minister Gomez said government is very serious about reforms and it is doing everything it takes to have reforms take off. He told the members that “we are as citizens are not only interested in regime change; but rather we need to review the laws of the land and that we will not allow the past to come back”.

Minister Gomez said “we have come from a difficult 22 years and must not allow such to come back again. I am one person who tell people that we must not spend all out times on the past and that we should forget our history” he said

The minister told members that the task ahead is enormous; and yes we can overcome the task. He then urged NAMs to make very good use of the retreat so that we can take this great country where we wanted it to reach.

Author: By Jabello Ceesay
Source: news release

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