Who do you say you defend Mr. Outgoing President Yahya Jammeh??????

Thursday, December 22, 2016

I personally wonder who Yahya Jammeh defends when he told the African Bar Association that he will not leave , rather he will defend his country at all cost.

It must be made clear to Jammeh that he defends no Gambian but his own interest; Gambians have already spoken and that enough of Jammeh and that was a very clear message related to you and your entire Government.

Where are all your Ambassadors about 11 of them from New Yoke, Spain, Senegal, UN, USA, UK, Cuba and many other countries , all have deflected and asked you to step down? Is that not enough for you to arrive at a conclusion that you are finished?

I would have expected that same from the ministers so that they go down with respect and dignity; otherwise life after Jammeh will be difficult for them.

So Mr. Outgoing president you have no mandate to speak or act on behalf of Gambians. Why can’t you just go in peace and do not put the country ablaze. If on the other hand you insist to do just what you are saying the end results will be too bad for you just like it was for African heads of states who acted the way you are acting. The likes of Gadafi, Charles Tailor, and Nino Vieira just to name a few; they all went down because they refused to accept people’s verdicts.

In fact we have seen and heard leaders much stronger than you boasted that they will defend their country to the last drop of their blood.

The former leader of Uganda, you may be too young to know but may have read it somewhere. When his Tanzanian neighbors supported deposed Milton Obote and invaded Uganda he Idi Amin insisted that he will not leave the capital that he will defend his country to the last drop of his blood. When it was tough he ran to Jinja his birth place and said again that Jinja will be his place of burial and will never flee. However he fled and later resided in Saudi until he dies.

Every delegations that meet with you, you will cry aloud about the over 300,000 voters who did not turn up to vote, does it matter at all?  How sure are you that those 300,000 are your supporters? It has happen nowhere, where there was a 100% turn out why is the Gambia a difference?

If you chose to go to court then you should step down peacefully and allowed the courts to work; but failure to do so will mean a different thing.



Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay

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