Who is Mayor Yankuba Colley Fooling????????

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The opposition APRC held their first meeting at their party’s headquarters Tuesday 3 January 2017, after losing the presidential elections to the coalition party. They were trying to show Gambians that they are alive as though many thought that they already dead.

Mayor Yankuba Colley said in a televised broadcast on Tuesday on the GRTS 8 pm bulletin that they are still the majority and the people have trust in them. He told the APRC supporters that they under the rule of their party leader president Jammeh who has done a lot for the Gambia, in fact in his own words he brought Gambia to where it is today will never be disappointed by them.

He said they will continue to nurture peace as they would not want to destroy what has been achieved by their party. Several other people spoke at the meeting but outgoing president was not present.

Colley in a separate interview with the GRTs crew said they are still the party with the support of the people; Colley referred to the coalition as the oppositions. He said as a party there are a lot of things in front of them, the National Assembly elections and others are all to come. He also mentioned the election petition at the Courts.

Colley further said that come the national assembly elections they are the party in the majority and they will win all the seats. Who are you fooling did you forget this is what you said during the presidential elections that your party will sweep the pools did it happen that way???

But now the question is who is he fooling???? is it YAHYa JAMMEH again or his party militants. In the last presidential election campaigns in and around the Kanifing Municipality where Yankuba is the Mayor told president Jammeh in many of the rallies that his municipality will lead all others in the pools but what happen?

Let’s look at the Tallinding constituency where he Mayor Colley resides and not only him but the Serekunda East elected member of the APRC and who also doubles as the majority leader in House of Parliament. Also in the same constituency lives National Youth Mobiliser Babu Sonko; so who is mayor Colley fooling if he cannot make his president win in his own village where else can he make him win.

Mayor Colley has chanted all over the country that those who want cross over to his APRC party must do so before the election is over, as after they win the election no one will be allowed in their party.

So Mr. Mayor now that you have lost the presidential elections what else???

Author: Madi M.K.Ceesay
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