British Couple Extends Generous Hand to 3 Disable Gambian Children

Thursday, December 15, 2016

A British couple Bryan and Jackie provided a shelter, shower and lots of food and second hand clothes worth more than 2000 pound sterling to three disable Gambian children in the Niamina East district of Njie Kunda village.

The two are ActioonAid sponsors who during their visit to the village in February 2016 were introduced to the children by Madi Ceesay.

These three children  were earlier provided with wheel chairs and some medical and food items by other donors; but the British couples felt that they can do more for these children and therefore upon seeing they committed themselves to provide them with a shelter where they and their family members can use for resting place. The shelter can also be used for other purposes such as medical services to members of the community and other uses therefore some curtains were provided to provide privacy if incase its needed.

In November 2016 Bryan and Jackie visited the boys again and brought a lot of gifts including food, clothes, toys and lot more other things to inaugurate the shelter and the shower.

The grandfather and the two grandmothers express happiness that now they have a rest place in the middle of their compound. They prayed for the couples and wish them well.

As for Bryan and Jackie they said they are happy that they are able to do something for the three disable children. They said, last year they were introduced to the children they felt these children needed access to clean water and other toys which can help them a lot in their quite moments when they will not be engaged in anything,

Receiving the toys the boys can be seen grabbing the toys and smiling which is a sign of happiness for them, though they cannot talk as able children but the sign speaks for them well.


Author: Ebrima Janko Ceesay

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